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Guideline for applying a KIIP class with proper time and location on

In order to apply for a KIIP class, you have to meet one of the following conditions:
- 1st: take a level test (사전평가) and get your assigned level based on your test score
- 2nd: submit your valid TOPIK test score to your local immigration office and get your assigned level
- 3nd: apply for the KIIP program and start from level 0 (without taking the level test)

The class registration time is often after the level test a week. As soon as you get your score or assigned level, you should start to search for a class with your desired time and location.

To check for the announcement schedule of the test result, please visit this page: KIIP Guideline 2018

Here are a step-by-step guide for applying a KIIP class:

Step 1: Visit, click 회원로그인 button, then enter your ID and password. After signed in, click 마이페이지 button at the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: In 마이페이지, click 과정신청 to start applying for a KIIP class.

Based on your assigned level, a list of corresponding classes will appear to register.
E.g. Your assigned level is 3, only level 3 classes will appear in the list.

Step 3: In the 과정신청 page, scroll down to see the class list.

You will see the following items as below:
- 주소 = class location (check the location on google map whether it is close or convenient to you)
- 신청시간 = registration time (the registration opening time starts at midnight 00:00, so make sure to online at this time to register for the class)
- 정원 = maximum number of students in the class (e.g. 20 students)
- 신청 = number of applied students (e.g. 5 out of 20)
- 대기 = number of students in waiting list

Note that: the list of classes will be updated daily, make sure to check it frequently.

Step 4: After locating a suitable class, click on the name of the corresponding class.

You should see the following items:
- 과정시간 (red) = the time period of the class (e.g. 2018.06.09 ~ 2018.08.04 = 2 months)
- 요일 = day of the week that the class opens ( = Monday, = Tuesday, = Wednesday, = Thursday, = Friday, = Saturday, = Sunday)
- 과정시간 (blue) = class time
- 인정시간 = number of hours per class
After checking all the above information, click 신청 at the botton right corner and confirm again to register.

Step 5: Click the 목록조회 button, next to the 신청 button. If the applied class in the list becomes blue, you have successfully registered for a KIIP class.


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