Lv1 U01 What is this?| 무엇입니까?- N입니다 grammar


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1 과: 이것은 무엇입니까?

가... 이것은 무엇입니까?
나... 책상입니다.
가... 저것은 무엇입니까?
나... 저것은 의자입니다.


이것 = this
저것 = that (far from both)
그것 = that (far from speaker)
무엇 = what
책상 = desk
의자 = chair
책 = Book
창 = window in transportation
볼펜 = ball point pen
문 = door
연필 = pencil
나무 = tree
바나나 = banana
비누 = soap
모자 = hat
옷 = clothes
포도 = grapes
시계 = clock, watch
사과 = apple

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Unit 1. What is this?
A... What is this?
B... It is a desk
A... What is that?
B... That is a chair.

Grammars and expression:

1. N은 무엇입니까? : what is N?

그것은 무엇입니까?
What is that?

저것은 무엇습니까?
What is that?
2. (이것은/ 저것은) N-입니다 : that/ this is N.

이것은 책입니다.
It is a book.

저것은 의자입니다.
That is a chair.

1. The final consonant of a syllable is pronounced as the initial sound of the following syllable when it begins with the consonant 'ㅇ'
E.g 저것은 --> 저거슨

2.  The ㅂ sound in 입니다/입니까 will be pronounced as ㅁ sound.
E.g 입니다 --> 임니다
3. The particle 은 marks the topic of a sentence.
4. 입니까 is used in questions and 입니다 is used in statements.


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