Lv1 U02 Is this a watch?| N-입니다./까? grammar


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2 과: 이것은 시계입니까?

가... 이것은 시계입니까?
나... 네, 시계입니다.
가... 이것은 구두입니까?
나... 아니오, 구두가 아닙니다. 그것은 운동화입니다.


Unit 2. Is this a watch?

A...Is this a watch?
B...Yes it is a watch
A...Are these dress shoes?
B...No they aren't. Those are sneakers.

Grammars and expression:

1. N은/는 N-입니까? : is N N?

이것은 책입니까?
Is this a book?

저것은 운동화입니까?
Are those sports shoes?

2. 네, N-입니다 : Yes N is N

네, 책입니다.
Yes, it is a book.

네, 운동화입니다.
Yes, they are sports shoes.

3. 아니오, N이/가 아닙니다 : No, N is not N

아니오, 책이 아닙니다.
No, it is not a book

아니오, 시계가 아닙니다.
No, it is not a watch.

4. 이것은 N-입니까? : Is this N?

이것은 책상입니까?
- 네, 책상입니다.
- 아니오, 시계입니다.
It this a table?
- Yes, it's a table.
- No, it's a watch.


1. ㅂ is pronounced ㅁ when it comes before a nasal sound such as ㄴ, ㅁ, or ㄹ
E.g 아닙니다 --> 안님니다.

2. The subject of a sentence can be deleted when its meaning is made clear by the context or situation

3. The particle 가 marks the subject of a sentence whem the subject ends with a vowel. The alternative form 이 is added to nouns ending with a consonant.

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