V-(으)ㄹ 겸 (해서)/N 겸 grammar = and also ~express an action has two or more purposes

V-(으)ㄹ 겸 (해서)/N 겸 grammar = and also ~express an action has two or more purposes

- V-(으)ㄹ 겸 (해서)/N 겸 is used to express that an action has two or more purposes = and also, as well as
- It is mostly used in form N도 -(으)ㄹ 겸 N도 -(으)ㄹ 겸 (해서)
- N도 -(으)ㄹ 겸 해서 means the speaker selects 1 intention among the others to do an action.


Verb-(으)ㄹ 겸 Verb-(으)ㄹ 겸 (해서)
일할 공부할 해서  (to work and also study)
회복할 해서 (to rest and also recover)
산책도 할 운동도 할 해서 (to walk and also exercise)
소통도 할 취직도 할 해서 (to communicate and also get a job)
용돈도 벌 겸 경험도 쌓을 겸 해서 (to earn some money and also get some experiences)
살도 뺄 겸 건강도 할 겸 해서 (to lose some weight and also stay healthy)

Noun 겸 Noun 
책상 겸 식탁으로  (as a desk and dining table)
배우 겸 감독으로 (as an actor and  director)
아침 겸 점심으로 (for the breakfast and lunch)
욕실 겸 화장실 (bathroom and toilet)
부모 겸 교사로서 (as a parent and teacher)


1. 왜 한국에 왔어요?
- 한국 친구도 사귈 겸 한국말도 배울 겸 한국에 왔어요.
Why did you come to Korea? 
- I came to Korea to make friends and also study Korean.

2. 요즘 태권도를 배우고 있어요?
- 네, 운동도 할 겸 한국전통문화도 배울 겸 해서 배우고 있어요.
Are you learning taekwondo these days?
- Yes, I am learning taekwondo to get some exercise and also learn about traditional Korean culture.

3. 책도 읽을 겸 공부도 할 겸 도서관에 가려고 해요.
I am planning to go to the library to read some books and also study.

4. 기분 전환도 할 겸 쇼핑도 할 겸 백화점에 갔어요.
I went to department store to relax and also do some shopping.

5.  요즘 살도 뺄 겸 해서 운동을 하고 있어요.
I am doing exercise to lose some weight.

6. 용돈도 벌 겸 경험도 쌓을 겸 아르바이트를 하고 있어요.
I am doing a part-time job to get some experience and also have some spare money.

7. 이건 뭐예요?
- 책상 겸 식탁으로 사용하는 거예요.
What is this?
- I use it as a desk and dining table.

8. 잠도 깰 겸 잠깐 쉴 겸 해서 커피를 마시려고 합니다.
I drink coffee to have a short break and also break my sleep.

9. 백화점에 가려고 해요?
- 네, 구경도 할 겸 친구 생일 선물도 살 겸 가려고 해요.
Are you planning to go to the department store?
- Yes, I am going to go there to buy a birthday gift and have a look around.

10. 취직도 할 겸 소통도 할 겸 한국어를 공부하고 있어요.
I am studying Korean to communicate and also get a job.

11. 그는 배우 겸 감독으로 활동한다.
He works as an actor and director.

12. 모든 아파트에는 자체 욕실 겸 화장실이 있다.
Every apartment has its own bathroom and toiler.

13. 나는 아침 겸 점심으로 햄버거를 먹었어요.
I had hamburger for breakfast and lunch.

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