V-아/어다가 grammar = and then ~express the second action occurs at another place as the result of the first action

V-아/어다가 grammar = and then ~express the second action occurs at another place as the result of the first action

- Indicate the time order of 2 actions that the second action occurs as the result of the first action, and the actions often occur in different places or continue from one place to another
- It can be shortened to V-아/어다

V-다가 grammar = and/but then ~interruption of one action to do another immediately
A/V-다가는 grammar = (use to warn a person) if the action is continued, a negative outcome will occur

Verb + -아/어다가

사다 --> 사다가 먹다 (buy and eat...)
꺼내다 --> 꺼내다가 읽다 (take out and read ...)
시키다 -- >시켜다가 먹다 (order and eat ...)
찾다 --> 찾아다가 쓰다 (find/withdraw and use somewhere..)
만들다 --> 만들어다가 먹다 (make and eat somewhere...)
준비하다 --> 준비하다가
공부하다 --> 공부해다가


1. 케이크를 만들어다가 친구에게 줬어요.
I made a cake and gave it to a friend.

2. 남은 음식을 포장해다가 집에서 먹었어요.
He packed leftovers and ate them at home.

3. 어제 시장에서 만두를 사다가 먹었습니다.
I bought dumplings at the market yesterday and ate them (at home).

4. 과자를 만들어다가 학교 친구들이랑 같이 먹었어요.
I made some cookies and ate them with my school friends (at school).

5. 민아야, 주방에서 접시 좀 가져다(가) 줄래?
Mina, can you bring me a disk in the kitchen?

6. 저녁에 피자과 지킨을 시켜다가 집에서 먹을까요?
How about we order pizza and chicken and eat at home in the evening?

7. 냉장고에서 고기를 꺼내다가 좀 요리해 주세요.
Please take out some meat in the fridge and cook some foods.

8. 아버지는 옆집에서 꽃을 얻어다가 마당에 심으셨어요.
My father got flowers from next door and planted them in the yard.


9. 엄마, 과일 좀 있어요?
- 응, 냉장고에 있으니까 꺼내다가 먹어.
Mom,is there any fruit?
- Yeah, in the fridge, get some out and eat.

10. 은행에 가요?
- 네, 돈을 좀 찾아다가 하숙비를 내려고 해요.
Are you going to the bank?
- Yeah, I plan to withdraw some money and then pay for my lodging room.

11. 친구 생일인데 친구에게 무엇을 선물하려고 해요?
- 집에서케이크를 만들어다가 가져갈까요.
What are you going to give your friend in her birthday?
- I will make a cake at home and bright it.

12.   저 지금 시장에 가는데 뭐 부탁할 것 있어요?
- 그럼, 과일을  좀 사다가 주세요.
I will go to the market now, so do you want to buy anything?
- Then, please buy some fruits for me.

13. 그 회사는 무역 회사지요?
- 네, 해외에서 물건을 수입해다가 국내에서 팔아요.
Is that company about trading?
- Yes, it imported goods from overseas and sell domestically.

14. 어머, 고양이를 키우시나 봐요.
- 네, 얼마 전부터 주인 없는 고양이를 데려다가 키우기 시작했어요.
Oh my, you seem to have a cat.
- Yes, I took an ownerless cat and started raising it a while ago.

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