V-(으)ㄴ 채로 grammar = while ~action occurs while maintaining the state of a situation

V-(으)ㄴ 채로 grammar = while... ~action occurs while maintaining the state of a situation


(1) V-(으)ㄴ 채로 indicates that an action occurs (2nd clause) while maintaining the state of a situation (1st clause) = while

모자를 쓴 채로 실내로 들어갔다.
I entered the room while still wearing the hat.

(2) It is often used with -아/어 놓은/둔 채로 to describe a state or situation where something is left or kept in a certain condition without further action. (example 4, 5)

문을 열어 놓은 채로 나갔어요.
I went out while leaving the door open.

(3) V-(으)ㄴ 채로 is different from V-(으)면서 grammar where two actions occur simultaneously.

나는 항상 노래를 들으면서 운전을 한댜.
I always drive while listening to music.

- Present tense and future tense are not used before -(으)ㄴ 채로
- Verbs 가다 and  오다 are not used before -(으)ㄴ 채로
- Shortened form: V-(으)ㄴ 채


Verb + -(으)ㄴ 채로:
입다 --> 입은 채로 (while wearing clothes...)
쓰다 --> 쓴 채로 (while wearing glasses, hat....)
잠을 자다 --> 잠을 잔 채로 (while sleeping...)
앉다 --> 앉은 채로 (while sitting ...)
열어 놓다 --> 열어 놓은 채로 (while keeping opening windows, door...)
씻지 않다 --> 씻지 않은 채로 (while not cleaning/ without cleaning)
끝나지 않다 --> 끝나지 않은 채로 (while not finishing...)


1. 앤디 씨가 밤마다 술이 취한 채로 저에게 전화를 걸어서 짜증이 나요.
- 앤디 씨가 안나 씨를 좋아하나 봐요.
I get annoyed because Andy calls me while he got drunk every night.
- It looks like Andy like you, Anna.

2. 옷이 왜 이렇게 젖었어요?
- 수영복을 안 가지고 와서 옷을 입은 채로 수영을 해서 래요.
Why did your clothes get wet?
- I didn't bring my swimsuit, so I swim with my clothes on/ while wearing my clothes.

3. 저는 안경을 쓴 채로 안경을 찾는 경우가 가끔 있어요.
I sometimes start looking for my glasses while I am wearing them.

4. 문을 닫아 둔 채로 채로 요리를 해서 집안에 냄새가 심하게 나요.
The house is full of smell since I closed the door while cooking.

5. 어젯밤이 창문을 열어 놓은 채로 잤더니 감기가 걸린 것 같아요.
Last night, I went sleep while opening the windows, and then it seems I catch a cold.

6. 고기를 익히지 않은 채로 먹었어요.
I ate the meat while it was not cooked well. 

7. 화가 난 채로 집으로 갔어요.
I went home while I was angry.

8. 너무 피곤해서 옷을 입은 채로 그냥 잠이 들었다.
I was so tired that I just fell asleep while my clothes was on.

9. 과일을 씻지 않은 채로 먹으니까 배가 아파요.
Since I ate the fruit without cleaning, my belly got hurt.

10. 급한 일이 나서 점심을 아직 끝나지 않은 채로 나가야 했어요.
Since an urgent work occurred, I had to go out while not finishing the lunch.

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