A/V/N-다면서요? grammar = is it true that... ~confirm something you’ve heard or learned

L2.89 A/V/N-다면서요? grammar = is it true that... ~confirm something you’ve heard or learned before

- To confirm something you have heard or learned from some source before = Is it true that…?
- Shortened form 다며?
- Can’t be used to describe something you directly saw or experienced
- Can’t be used to restate or reconfirm what a person has just said


1. 현재: A-다면서요?  / V-(느)ㄴ다면서요?   / N-(이)라면서요?

A: 아름답다 -- 아름답다면서요?
V: 오다  --   온다면서요?
N: 가수(이다) -- 가수라면서요?

2. 과거: A/V-았/었다면서요?  / N-였다면서요? or N-이었다면서요?

A: 아름답다 -- 아름다웠다면서요?
V: 오다  --   왔다면서요?
N: 가수(이다) -- 가수였다면서요?

3. 미래: A/V-(으)ㄹ 거라면서요?

A: 덥다  --  더울 거라면서요?
V: 오다  --   올 거라면서요?


1. 안나 씨, 남자 친구랑 헤어졌다면서요?
- 네, 그런데 어떻게 알았어요?
- 토니 씨한테서 들었어요.
Anna, is it true that you broke up with your boyfriend?
- Yeah, but how did you know?
- I heard from Tony.

2. 지난 주에 한라산에 갔다 왔어요.
- 요즘 한라산이 정말 아름답다면서요?
- 네, 정말 아름답더라고요.
I went to Mt. Halla last week.
- Is it true that it is really beautiful these days?
- Yeah, it was really beautiful.

3. 앤디 씨가 진급했다며?
- 응, 그렇대. 회사에서 일을 열심히 했나 봐.
Is it true that Andy got promoted?
- Yes, that's what he said. It seems he worked really hard.

4. 수지 씨가 가수라면서요?
- 그래요? 저는 수지 씨가 배우인 줄 알았어요.
Is it true that Suzy is a singer?
- Really? I thought she was an actress.

5. 한국에서는 여름에 비가 많이 온다면서요?
- 네, 장마가 있어서 비가 많이 와요.
Is it true that in Korea it rains a lot in summer?
- Yes, Korea has rainy season, so it rains a lot.

6. 한국 남자들은 모두 군대에 갔다 온다면서요?
- 네, 우리 오빠도 군대에 갔다 왔어요.
Is it true that all Korean men have to do military service?
- Yes, my brother has finished his military service. (went to the army and came back)

7. 지연 씨가 결혼했다면서요?
- 네, 지난 주에 지연 씨의 고향에서 결혼식에 잠석했더라구요.
Is it true that Jiyeon has got married?
- Yes, last week I attended her wedding ceremony at her hometown.

8. 너 큰 장학금이 받았다면서요?
I heard that you got a big scholarship, is it true?

9. 부산에는 지금 눈이 많이 온다면서요?
In Busan, it’s snowing a lot now, is it true?

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