Sejong Korean 0-8 PDF Textbook+ Workbook+ Audio

Sejong Korean (세종 한국어) is Korean language textbook series for Korean learners written by King Sejong Institute, a national brand of Korean language and culture. There are currently over 160 Sejeong hakdang offices in 56 countries over the world.

The book series cover all four aspects of Korean communication methods including speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The book series is divided into 9 volumes for all levels from beginner to advanced learners.

Sejong Korean elementary (세종한국어 입문): a textbook that makes easy and fun to learn Hangul vowels and consonants and various elementary Korean expression

Sejong Korean 1-8 (세종한국어 1-8): a comprehensive Korean language book series for all learners wish to study Korean and improve their Korean skills

You may get free copies of the books in PDF and MP3 at: 

Sejong Korean are free of charge and can be accessed online at the official site in view mode only. You also need to sign up to access the materials.

Sejong Korean 1 and Sejong Korean 2

Sejong Korean 1 and 2 are designed for beginner level. Only the 2 books are available in bilingual Korean-English language. It also includes Sejong Korean Workbook 1 and 2 to help learners to practice and strengthen their Korean skills.

Sejong Korean 3 and Sejong Korean 4

Sejong Korean 3 and 4 are designed for intermediate level. From level 3 book, all book contents are written in Korean. It also includes Sejong Korean Workbook 3 and 4 to help learners to practice and strengthen their Korean skills.

Sejong Korean 5 and Sejong Korean 6

Sejong Korean 5 and 6 are designed for upper-intermediate level. From level 5 book, no workbook is no longer provided. 

Sejong Korean 7 and Sejong Korean 8

Sejong Korean 7 and 8 are designed for advance level. By completing the whole Sejong Korean book series, you can confidently live and work in Korea without any language barriers.
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