TOPIK 1 Vocabulary in 40 Days for Beginner PDF (쏙쏙 TOPIK 한국어 어휘 초급)

TOPIK 1 Vocabulary in 40 Days for beginner (in Korean: 쏙쏙 TOPIK 한국어 어휘 초급 40) is a TOPIK I vocabulary book that you can learn essential vocabularies in Beginner Level within 40 days. The vocabularies are based on the vocabulary that was given in the previous TOPIK I tests with ~1200 words. The book is designed with 24 vocabularies/day so that you can practice and plan to study within 40 days.

Chapter 1 presents vocabulary by part of speech, including synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences.

Chapter 2 presents pictures and stickers that match the subject, so that vocabulary can be increased easily and funly.

In addition, the book was translated into three different languages including English, Chinese, and Japanese ​​so that you can easily understand the meaning of the vocabulary. If you study about 24 vocabularies per day and solve interesting quizzes every day, you can improve your Korean skills greatly from zero.

You may get a free copy at: 쏙쏙 TOPIK 한국어 어휘 초급 40 PDF


pepa mas gisbert said...

No puedo descargar el libro.

Korean Topik said...

Please read FAQs (frequently asked questions) to learn how to download the file.

pepa mas gisbert said...

Gracias. Ya he podido descargarlo.

onboarding blogger said...

Not dounload ata link plz topik 1

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