Once upon a time in Korean PDF (Korean folktales for Elementary Readers)

Once upon a time in Korean (An Elementary Reader) is a Korean folktale book for people who want to enhance their language skills and also to develop their understanding of Korean culture.

Once upon a time in Korean is composed of Korean stories, legends, and folktales that are rewritten to suit beginner level students with simple sentence structures and everyday vocabulary while preserving the original meaning. By repeating the same simple sentence structures and vocabulary, students can enhance their language skills unconsciously. The vocabulary list and explanation of idioms make it easy for beginner level students to understand the stories.

This book features:
- Basic and everyday vocabulary
- Vocabulary list including verb tenses, stems, and idioms at the end of each story
- No exercise or drill to suit the reading purpose for pleasure
- Culture notes are included to help students understand Korean culture
- Can also be used to read for children

Once upon a time in Korea ebook is a scanned version of the printed book, which can be purchased online from Amazon.

You can get a free ebook copy at: Once upon a time in Korean PDF 

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