KIIP 4 Mid-term Test Guide (사회통합프로그램 중간평가 안내)

KIIP 4 Mid-term Test (사회통합프로그램 중간평가) is the "Korean Language and Culture Test (KLCT)" taken by all participants who have completed the Korean Language Programs to which they were placed through the pre-test (Levels 1~4).

1.  KIIP 4 Mid-term Test Schedule

Please refer to this page to the detailed test schedule:

2022 KIIP Test Schedule /사회통합프로그램 평가 알아보기!

2. General Information

- Check the test location and results under the View Scores menu.
- All test takers are required to be present by 30 minutes before the test.
※ All test takers are required to present the application slip, ID card, and stationery (black marker for OMR cards, correction tape, etc.)

3. How to Take the Tests

- Anyone who has taken the first 4 levels of the program within 1 year
- Anyone participating in a course connected to the Comprehensive Social Programs

4. Mid-term test structure

※ If you can't see the table properly, click here to see its picture version.

Test Type
Question Type
Number of Questions
Test Duration
(60 min)
(100 pts)
Answer Sheets
Written Test
(30 questions,50 minutes)
Multiple choices
40 minutes
70 pts
(28 questions × 2.5 pts)
OMR card
10 minutes
5 pts
(2 questions × 2.5 pts)
100-letter writing test sheet
Oral Test
(5 questions, 10 minutes)
Oral test
10 minutes
25 pts
(5 questions ×5 pts)
Oral test score sheet

※The oral test may take up to 3-4 hours according to the waiting time.
- The writing test is limited within 100 characters.
- The interview test is composed of reading and understanding of a given essay, and conversation with 2 examiners.

5. KIIP 4 Mid-term Test Sample

6. Checking the test result

Passing Scores: 60 out of 100 or higher (rounded to the nearest ones)
※ Failed if not present for all the tests (both excused or unexcused)

7. Process after results

7.1 Anyone who passes the test will be assigned to Level 5
-Anyone who pass the test will be bestowed the 'Certificate of Korean Language and Culture Test (KLCT) Certificate' issued by the President of Immigration Office

7.2 In case you failed the mid-term test (level 4 test), there are 2 options:
- 1st: You can retake the test again until you pass, without the need of retaking the class.
- 2nd: You retake the class again and then retake the mid-term exam. If you score is over 40 point, you can advance to the Level 5. (This new policy is in effect from 2020)

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