KIIP Level-Test Guide (사회통합프로그램 사전평가 안내)

Kiip level test guide
KIIP Pre-test or Level test (Korean Immigration & Integration Program - 사회통합프로그램 사전평가) is the placement test that assesses the applicant's Korean proficiency to place him/her into the right level and hours of the program. All participants of KIIP may take the pre-test to be placed in the right level and hours.

1.  KIIP Pre-Test Schedule

Please refer to this page to the detailed test schedule:

2022 KIIP Test Schedule /사회통합프로그램 평가 알아보기!

2. Updates about Pre-Test registration by time, area, and visa

2.1 Changes about test registration time and visa.

The test's opening hour is 9:00 AM in the 1st registration day.

*In order to prevent massive applicants applying for the test at the same time, the applicants have to wait in turn.
*Time spent after login is limited to 5 minutes per person. (Including card payment, real-time account transfer, and installation of the banking security software)
*Due to COVID19, the test may not be available at some areas, please apply for the test at a nearby area.
Turn-based access in KIIP test registration

2.2 Pre-test quota varies depending on VISA 

In order to give an equal chance for people who have Overseas Korean VISAs (F-4, H-2, C-3-8) and people who have other VISAs  (D-2, F-6, E-7,...) to apply for the Pre-test, the ratio will be given as follows:

Overseas Korean VISAs
(F-4, H-2)
General VISAs
(D-2, F-6, …)
2 : 8
5 : 5
7 : 3
7 : 3
2 : 8
7 : 3
2 : 8
7 : 3
2 : 8
7 : 3

For example, The 7th KIIP Pre-test quota is 1000. The VISA ratio for the 7th KIIP Pre-test is 2:8.
This means 200 overseas Koreans and 800 people with other VISAs can apply for the 7th KIIP Pre-test.

3. General Information

- Check the test location and results under the View Scores menu.
- All test takers are required to be present by 30 minutes before the test.
※ All test takers are required to present the application slip, ID card, and stationery (black marker for OMR cards, correction tape, etc.)

4. How to Take the Tests

4.1 Eligibility
Foreigners or naturalized citizens in legal status with a valid foreigner registration card or residency card.
※ However, naturalized citizens who were naturalized more than 3 years ago may take the pre-test and/or take courses with a prior approval of the President of Immigration Office.

4.2 Disqualification
- Anyone who has already been placed through the pre-test and taking a course
- Anyone who is in the 6-month suspension period
- Anyone who have been dismissed and suspended from the Comprehensive Social Programs

4.3 Retaking of the Pre-test
The following persons may retake the pre-test to be placed in a new course, if desired:
※In this case, however, the previous courses (completion, hours of attendance, etc.) will be invalidated and the applicants may be placed in a level lower than the previous level.
- Anyone who is past the 6-month suspension period
- Anyone who is taking the level 0 courses without taking the pre-test
- Anyone who is placed in a level through a method other than the pre-test

4.4 Exemptions from the Pre-test
- Anyone who is willing to take the Comprehensive Social Programs from "Level 0 (Basic Korean)"
- Anyone who has taken the Test of Proficiency in Korean offered the National Institute for International Education of the Ministry of Education
- Anyone who has been married to a Korean citizen and has entered Korea with a spouse visa after proving that they have basic Korean proficiency in accordance with the Spouse Immigration (F-6) Visa Guidelines amended as of April 1, 2014
- Anyone who has been married to a Korean citizen and it has not been 2 years since all levels of the Korean language programs of the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family

5. KIIP Pre-Test structure

※ If you can't see the table properly, click here to see its picture version.

Test Type
Question Type
Evaluation Criteria
Number of Questions
Test Duration
(70 min)
(100 pts)
Written Test
(50 questions, 60 minutes)
Multiple choices
60 minutes
75 pts
(50 questions × 1.5 pts)
Short answers
Oral Test
(5 questions, 10 minutes)
10 minutes
25 pts
(5 questions × 5 pts)
Listen & Speak

6. KIIP Pre-Test Sample

7. Guide to Application & Registration of the Pre-Test

7.1 Apply the 1st KIIP Pre-Test Online at

7.2 Apply the 1st KIIP Pre-Test via Email (Only for 서울, 인천, 수원 or F-4 and H2 VISAs)

Guide to Apply for the KIIP Pre-test in 2020

8. Term of Validity and Announcement of Results

The placement results will be valid for 2 years from the day of announcement of results and the applicants may enroll in the placed level of the Comprehensive Social Programs.

For further reference: visit website for details.

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