Integrated Korean Advanced Intermediate PDF 1 & 2 ebook

Integrated Korean Advanced Intermediate 1 & 2 features:
- A wide variety of interesting reading materials is introduced.
- Help students achieve high level of proficiency in interpersonal and presentational communication.
- Each topic-based lesson consists of pre-reading, main reading, dialogues, new words, expressions
- Extensive drills and skill-building activities in the workbooks

The latest books are 3rd edition published in 2019 with a lot of revisions and changes.
You can order the books from the official homepage: Klear Textbooks

These collected books are 1st edition published in 2003. It is no longer used in language class, but can be used as a reference book for self-studying Korean.

You may get a copy at: Integrated Korean Advanced Intermediate 1 & 2 PDF (1st edition)

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