Sejong Korean 1A-1B PDF +Audio (세종 한국어-English edition)

Sejong Korean 1A and 1B -2022 new edition
(in Korean: 세종한국어 1A-1B ) are basic textbook for beginners published by King Sejong Institute.

Sejong Korean 1A and 1B Textbooks are a complete overhaul and redesign based on the contents of Sejong Korean 1 and 2 (2019 Edition). The books contain learning contents suitable for the language development stage in King Sejong Institute learners.

Sejong Korean 1A and 1B Workbooks allow learners to practice what they have studied in each unit of the Sejong Korean Textbooks 1A and 1B. You can practice the vocabulary, grammar, and expressions through various contexts.

Sejong Korean 1A and 1B vocabulary & grammar books allows learners to study vocabulary words and grammars easily and systematically. 

The Sejong Korean textbooks and workbooks are all available to order at Coupang:

Sejong Korean 1A: English Edition (세종한국어 1A 영문판)

Sejong Korean Work Book 1A 국문판

Sejong Korean 1B: English Edition (세종한국어 1B 영문판)

Sejong Korean Work Book 1B 국문판

You may get free copies of the textbook, workbook, and vocab & grammar book at: Sejong Korean 1A-1B PDF  +Audio [New edition]

Sejong Korean 1A-1B books are free to access online at the official site in view mode only. 

Read online Sejong Korean Grammar book 1A and Grammar book 1B


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the next level has been available now ~

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The vocabulary and grammar book has been added. Hope you studying the materials.

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The post is updated on 06 Oct 2023. Hope you enjoy studying at

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