Sejong Korean 2A-2B PDF +Audio (세종 한국어-English Edition)

Sejong Korean 2A and 2B -2022 new edition
 (in Korean: 세종한국어 2A-2B ) are basic textbook for lower-intermediate learners published by King Sejong Institute.

Sejong Korean 2A and 2B Textbooks have undergone a complete overhaul and redesign. The contents of the textbooks have been based on Sejong Korean 3 and 4 (2019 Edition). The learning materials included in these textbooks are appropriate for the language development stage of learners in the program.

Sejong Korean 2A and 2B Workbooks are also available. These workbooks offer a variety of exercises and activities that allow learners to practice the vocabulary, grammar, and expressions presented in each unit of the textbooks, within a range of different contexts.

Sejong Korean 2A and 2B vocabulary & grammar books allows learners to study vocabulary words and grammars easily and systematically. 

The textbooks and workbooks are all available to order at Coupang:

Sejong Korean 2A: English Edition (세종한국어 2A 영문판)

Sejong Korean Work Book 2A 국문판

Sejong Korean 2B: English Edition (세종한국어 2B 영문판)

Sejong Korean Work Book 2B 국문판

You may get free copies of the books in PDF and MP3 at: Sejong Korean 2A-2B PDF  +Audio [New]

Sejong Korean 2A-2B books are free to access online at the official site in view mode only. 


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