Alive Korean: Speaking Korean for Beginners PDF

Speaking Korean for Beginners (in Korean: 초급 한국어 말하기) is one of the 4 books in Alive Korean series designed to increase the speaking ability of the beginner. The book aims to help the learners maximize their Korean speaking skills. It offers a comprehensive tool for improving speaking skills, but extra texts and education should be added to obtain a complete mastery of the language.

The book's purpose:
  • The book is compiled in a way that you can study on our own
  • Help you acquire both fluency and accuracy at the same time
  • Provide a varieties of speaking activities
  • Useful Korean grammars and expressions 

The book consists of 20 units, in which each unit is organized by the following structure: Goal -Get Ready - Listening - Vocab - Speak - Grammar - Practice - Pronunciation - Talk. Each unit is intended to be completed within 4 hours.

You may get a free book copy at: Alive Korean: Speaking Korean for Beginners

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