Cracking the TOPIK 2 Writing eBook Review

Cracking the TOPIK 2 Writing
is the complete guide to TOPIK 2 writing exam from the problem number 51 to 54. Keywords: Cracking the TOPIK 2 Writing PDF download

The book presents systematically arranging strategies for obtaining high scores so that learners can prepare for the exam by understanding each type of problem from sentence writing to long writing.

The book contents are illustrated as below:

The book presents the frequently used sentence patterns and vocabulary type, together with the strategy to get a high score step by step.

Strategy explanations and example sentences are expressed in English to enhance the understanding of English-speaking learners.

The book can be ordered from Coupang or other major online bookstores. It's not allowed for us to share/host the ebook publicly.

However, the ebook version can be freely read/download from the public library link or the issue magazine.

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