V-느니 (차라리) grammar = I would rather do that than this ~express the latter action is better

V-느니 (차라리) grammar = I would rather do that than this ~express the latter action is better



- Express that the choice in the 2nd clause is the better, although neither of two choices in both clauses is satisfactory. = rather than… I would do… / I would rather do that than this

- V-느니 is often followed by 차라리, 그냥, and 아예 (i.e., 느니 차라리, 느니 그냥, and 느니 아예) to emphasize the meaning.

- V-느니 can be used interchangeably with V-는 것보다는 V- 낫다 or V-() 바에야 or V-() 바에는 




V+ -느니 (차라리) = I would rather do that than do this

가다 -> 가느니 (차라리)  = I would rather … than go

일하다 -> 일하느니 (차라리)  = I would rather …than work

낭비하다 -> 낭비하느니 (차라리) = I would rather … than waste

결혼하다 -> 결혼하느니 (차라리) = I would rather …. than get married

걸어가다 -> 걸어가느니 (차라리) = I would rather … than walk




1. 연습도 제대로 하고 대회에 참가하느니 차라리 기회에 도전하겠다.

I would rather challenge myself in the next competition than attend a competition without practicing.

2. 마음이 맞지 않는 사람과 일하느니 차라리 밤을 세워도 혼자 하는 낫다.

It's better to stay up all night and do it alone than to work with someone you don't get along with.

3. 멀어서 출퇴근하느라 시간을 낭비하느니 집값이 비싸더라도 근처로 이사 오는 낫다.

Rather than wasting time commuting from far way, it’s better to move to somewhere nearby even if house price is high.

4. 사랑하지도 않으면서 조건만 보고 결혼하느니 차라리 평생 혼자 살래요.

Rather than seeing conditions and getting married while not loving, I would live alone my whole life.

5. 30 동안 서서 기다리느니 핫도그를 먹지 않는 낫겠어요.

I would rather not eat a hot dog than waiting in line for up to 30 minutes.

6. 토요일에 혼자 집에 있느니 차라리 출근하겠다.

I would rather go to work than stay alone at home on Saturday.


7. 하루종일 누워만 있느니 /있을 바에는 차라리 여기저기 돌아다니겠다.

I would rather go around somewhere than lie down all day.

8. 택시를 타느니 차라리 걸어가는 낫겠다.

I would rather walk than take a taxi.

9. 이렇게 고민하느니 차라리 다른 사람한테 시키고 말겠어요.

If it is going to be a headache, I would rather have someone else to do it.

10. 나중에 후회하느니 그냥 하는 낫겠어요

If you’ll regret it later, it is better not to just do it.

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