V-다시피 grammar = as you (know, see, hear, feel…) ~express what the listener is aware of the same things

V-다시피 grammar = as you (know, see, hear, feel…) ~ express the confirmation of a fact that the listener is already aware of



- V-다시피 is used to express the confirmation of a fact that the listener is already aware of. It can be replaced by -듯이 grammar without meaning change and is often combined with verbs expressing feeling or perceiving such as ‘알다, 보다, 듣다, 느끼다, 짐작하다, 예상하다…’ = as you (know, see, hear, feel, guess, expect …)

- V-다시피 하다 is used to express that someone doesn’t perform the exact action but does it in a similar way = almost, nearly.

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V + 다시피 = as you (do)…

알다 -> 알다시피 = as you know

보다 -> 보다시피 = as you see

듣다 -> 듣다시피 = as you hear

느끼다 -> 느끼다시피 = as you feel

짐작하다 -> 짐작하다시피 = as you guess

예상하다 -> 예상하다시피 = as you expect


V + /었다시피 = as you (did)…

알다 -> 알았다시피 = as you knew

보다 -> 봤다시피 = as you saw

듣다 -> 들었다시피 = as you heard

느끼다 -> 느꼈다시피 = as you felt


V + 겠다시피 = as you (will)…

알다 -> 알겠다시피 = as you will know

보다 -> 보겠다시피 = as you will see

예상하다 -> 예상하겠다시피 = as you will expect


1. 요즘 바빠 보이네요.

- , 보다시피 없이 바빠요.

You look busy these days.

- Yes, as you can see, I'm super busy.


2. 한국어로 글을 쓰는 것이 익숙해졌지요?

- , 선생님께서 아시다시피 예전보다는 나아진 같아요.

Are you used to writing in Korean?

- Yes, as you know, I think it's better than before.


3. 사람이 다음 주에 결혼식을 마친 후에 함께 유학을 간다면서요?

- 민수 씨도 알다시피 우리는 대학 시절부터 함께 공부해 왔어요.

I heard you two are going to study abroad after the wedding next week.

- As Minsu knows, we have been studying together since the college time.


4. 보다시피 나는 지내고 있어요.

As you can see, I’m doing well.


5. 너도 알다시피 정치에 관심 없어.

As you know, I have no interest in politics.


6. 아시다시피, 우리 학교를 수리하는 중이에요.

As you know, we are in the middle of fixing up our school.


7. 여러분도 아시다시피 한글을 창제한 분은 세종대왕입니다.

As you all know, the person who created Hangeul was King Sejong.


8. 우리 모두 느끼다시피 지금 날씨에는 어디에도 없어요.

As we all feel, we can't go anywhere in the weather right now.


9. 보다시피 여기 아무도 없어요.

As you can see, there's no one here.


10. 여러분도 들었다시피 행사에서는 담배를 피울 없습니다.

As you heard, you can't smoke at this event.


11. 너도 짐작하겠다시피 민수가 제안을 수락했어.

As you can guess, Minsu accepted the offer.


12. 사진에서 보다시피 출근시간에는 길이 너무 막혀요.
As you can see in this photo, the road is very congested during rush hour.

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