A/V-은들, -ㄴ들, -던들 grammar = even if, if … then ~express the result is opposite even if the speaker acknowledges the supposition

은들, -ㄴ들, -던들 grammar = even if, if … then ~express the result is opposite even if the speaker acknowledges the supposition



- A/V-/ㄴ들 grammar expresses that even if you acknowledge the supposition in the 1st clause, the result is still opposite to your expectation. It is often ended in question forms, such as A/V-/ㄴ들 … -겠어요? or A/V-/ㄴ들 -()ㄹ까요? to emphasize the meaning of the 2nd clause.

- A/V-던들 grammar is often used in the past form A/V-았던들/었던들 to suppose the opposite result of a past event. It is usually ended in hypothetical endings, such as –() 것이다 or –() 텐데 to express one’s desire, regret, or feeling about the past event. = if…. then  

Similar usage:

1. A/V-/ㄴ들 grammar can be replaced by -다고 하더라도 grammar or -()ㄹ지라도 grammar without meaning change.


아무리 빨리 간들 기차를 타지 못할 것이다.

= 아무리 빨리 간다고 하더라도 기차를 타지 못할 것이다.

= 아무리 빨리 갈지라도 기차를 타지 못할 것이다.

No matter how fast you go, you can't get on the train.


운동을 한들 밤마다 그렇게 먹으면 아무 소용이 없어요.

= 운동을 한다고 하더라도 밤마다 그렇게 먹으면 아무 소용이 없어요.

= 운동을 할지라도 밤마다 그렇게 먹으면 아무 소용이 없어요.

If you eat like that every night, even if you are exercising, there is no use.




Adjective/Verb + ()ㄴ들 = even if A/V

많다 -> 많은들

바쁘다 -> 바쁜들

있다 -> 있은들

착하다 -> 착한들

먹다 -> 먹은들

*벌다 -> 번들

*만들다 -> 만든들

일하다 -> 일한들


Noun + 인들 = even if N

부부 -> 부부인들

학생 -> 학생인들


Adjective/Verb + /었던들 = if A/V, then

많다 -> 많았던들

만들다 -> 만들었던들

있다 -> 있었던들

젊다 -> 젊었던들

확인하다 -> 확인했던들



1. 돈을 많이 번들 건강이 나빠지면 아무 소용없다.

Even if you make a lot of money, it’s no use if your health gets bad.


2. 자동차를 산들 운전을 못하는데 사는 거예요?

If you can't drive a car, why are you buying it?


3. 휘발유가 없으니 차가 있은들 무슨 소용이 있어요?

What's the use of a car if there's no gasoline?


4. 열심히 일을 한들 무슨 소용이 있겠어요?

What's the use of working hard?


5. 실패하고 후회한들 무슨 소용이 있겠니?

What's the use of failing and regretting?


6. 누가 뭐라고 한들 자기 일만 잘하면 되요.

No matter how anyone says, you just need do your job well.


7. 빨리 졸업하면 좋겠어요.

- 빨리 졸업을 한들 취업도 했는데 무슨 돈을 지내려고요?

I can't wait to graduate.

- If you graduate early, you can't get a job. What kind of money are you going to have?


8. 오늘 날씨가 너무 좋지요?

- 날씨가 좋은들 시험 때문에 공부만 하는데 아무 소용없네요.

The weather is so nice today, right?

- Even if the weather is nice, it's no use when you can only study for exam.


9. 장미 , 지금 쿠팡에서 세일을 많이 한대요.

- 세일을 한들 당장 먹을 돈도 없는데 뭐하겠어요?

Jangmi, I heard Coupang has a lot of sales now.

- What's the point of having a sale when you don't have money to eat right away?


10. 민아 씨가 결혼을 한대요.

- , 그런데 결혼한들 회사 때문에 떨어져서 거라고 하네요.

I heard Minah is getting married.

- Yes, but she said even if she gets married, she is going to live apart because of the company.


11. 민수 , 공부 해요?

- 지금 공부한들 내일이 시험인데 무슨 소용있겠어요?

Minsu, aren't you going to study?

- Even if you study now, what's the use of tomorrow's exam?


12. 부모님께서 돌아가시지 않았던들 이렇게 외롭지는 않았을 거예요.

If my parents hadn't pass away, then I wouldn't be this lonely.


13. 그때 열심히 공부하라는 충고를 들었던들 이렇게 고생하지는 않았을 텐데.

If I had listened to the advice to study hard at the time, then I wouldn't have suffered this much.


14. 그때 내가 있었던들 그런 일이 생기지 않았을 거야.

If I had been there at that time, then it wouldn't have happened.


15. 내가 다시 번만 확인했던들 이런 실수는 없었을 텐데.

If I had checked once again, there would have been no such mistake.

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