A/V-(으)ㄹ망정 grammar = (1) I would rather, (2) even though ~express one’s strong will to do something

 A/V-()ㄹ망정 grammar = (1) I would rather, (2) even though ~express one’s strong will to do something than doing other.


- A/V-()ㄹ망정 expresses the one’s strong will or determination to choose the hypothetical situation in the first clause rather than the situation in the second clause. Extreme situations are often stated in the first clause to emphasize the speaker’s intention. = “I would rather … than” or “Even if …, I won’t”

- A/V-()ㄹ망정 is also used to acknowledge a fact in the first clause, but then introduce an opposite fact in the second clause. = “Even though…” or “it is true that … but ”



Adjective/Verb + ()ㄹ망정 (present tense) | /었을망정 (past tense)

많다 -> 많을망정 (Even if it is much, I won’t…)

바쁘다 -> 바쁠망정 (Even if I am busy, I won’t…)

바쁘다 -> 바빴을망정 (Even if I was busy, I wouldn’t…)

죽다 -> 죽을망정 (I would rather die than…)

굶다 -> 굶을망정 (I would rather starve than …)

실패하다 -> 실패했을망정 (Even if I failed…, I wouldn’t…)


Other usages:

1. A/V-() 망정 can be replaced by A/V-더라도 or A/V-()ㄹ지라도 without much meaning change.

시험에 떨어질망정 부정행위는 하지 않겠다.

시험에 떨어질지라도 부정행위는 하지 않겠다.

Even if I fail the exam, I will not cheat.


우리 회사는 회사 건물은 작을망정 매출액은 웬만한 회사보다 크다.

우리 회사는 회사 건물은 작더라도 매출액은 웬만한 회사보다 크다.

Even though our company's building is small, our sales are bigger than other companies.


2. A/V-() 망정 can also be replaced by A/V-()ㄹ지언정 without much meaning change, but A/V-()ㄹ지언정 has a slightly stronger nuance than A/V-()ㄹ망정.

길에서 얼어 죽을망정 집에는 절대로 들어가지 않겠다.

길에서 얼어 죽을지언정 집에는 절대로 들어가지 않겠다.

I would rather freeze to death on the street than go home.


영화는 흥행에 성공하지 않았을망정 예술적인 가치는 높이 평가됐다.

영화는 흥행에 성공하지 않았을지언정 예술적인 가치는 높이 평가됐다.

Although the film was not a box office success, its artistic value was highly appreciated.


3. When expressing a fact, A/V-() 망정 can be used in the form A/V-지는 못할망정 or A/V-/ 못할망정 to indicate that while a normal action was expected in the first clause, the real action in the second clause happened in an opposite and surprising way. = rather than…


사람은 자기가 잘못해 놓고 사과하지는 못할망정 오히려 화를 냈다.

Rather than apologize for his mistake, he became angry.


삼촌은 용돈은 주지 못할망정 나에게 돈을 요구한다.

Rather than give me pocket money, my uncle asks me for money.


경기를 앞둔 선수들에게 격려 못할망정 욕을 대는 사람들도 있었다.

Rather than encourage the players before the match, there were people who cursed at them.




*A/V-()ㄹ망정 = I would rather…than” or “Even if…, I won’t” ~when expressing a supposition

1. 내가 굶어 죽을망정 사람 도움은 받겠다.

I would rather starve to death than accept his help.


2. 나는 굶을망정 다른 사람에게 돈을 빌리기는 싫다.

I would rather starve than borrow money from others.


3. 내가 고생할말정 다시는 그에게 부탁하지 않겠네.

I would rather suffer than ask him for a favor again.

(Even if I will suffer, I won’t ask him for a favor again.)


4. 가난하게 살망정 비열하게 살지는 않겠다.

I would rather live in poverty than live in contempt.


5. 자신을 다치게 할망정 이상 작별인사는 하지 않는다.

I would rather hurt myself than never say goodbye anymore.


**A/V-()ㄹ망정 = Even though…” or “it is true that … but …” ~when expressing a fact

6. 내가 나이는 많을망정 마음은 청춘이다.

Even though I’m old, I’m young at heart.


7. 그는 가난할망정 마음은 부자이다.

He may be poor but rich at heart.


8. 그녀는 몸은 불편할망정 마음은 누구보다도 강한 사람이다.

Even though her body is uncomfortable, but her mind is stronger than anyone else.


9. 그녀는 비록 예쁠망정 함께 일하기는 힘들다.

Even though she’s pretty, she’s difficult to work with.


10. 비록 한국말이 서투를망정 나는 한국 사람입니다.

I may not be good at Korean, but I am a Korean.


11. 그는 비록 임대 아파트에서 살망정 자기 회사 있다.

Even though he lives in a rent apartment, he has his own company.


12. 노점상을 할망정 남에게 폐는 끼칩니다.

Even though I am a street vendor, I do not cause trouble to others.


13. 그는 수차례 실패했을망정 끝까지 꿈을 포기지 않다고 결국 이뤄 냈다.

Even though he failed several times, he did not give up his dream until the end and finally achieved it.

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