Business Korean Yonsei PDF +Audio (비즈니스 한국어 연세) eBook


Business Korean Yonsei (비즈니스 한국어 연세) is intended to help foreigners who have studied 'Yonsei Korean 1, Yonsei Korean 2', the beginner level Korean textbooks, to conduct business activities related to Korea. 

Business Korean Yonsei  features:

- Various business-related topics that are important or frequently encountered in business activities. 

- A total of 30 business tasks so that learners can select and learn necessary tasks according to their business environment, and business tips are included in the middle of the book. 

- Each lesson consists of a title, learning objectives, introductory pictures or pictures, introductory questions, dialogue, text vocabulary, related vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, tasks and activities. 

The book is available to purchase on Coupang at 19,500 won.

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