V-느라고 grammar = because, due to ~give a reason for a negative consequence

V-느라고 grammar = because, due to  ~give a reason for a negative consequence.

- Give a reason (1st clause) for a negative consequence (2nd clause) = because, due to 
The subject in both clauses must be the same.
- Verb preceding -느라고 is always in present tense.
- The shortened form V-느라 can also be used


Verb + -느라고
가다 --> 가느라고 
보다 --> 보느라고
사다 --> 사느라고
*졸다 --> 조느라고
*벌다 --> 버느라고
공부하다 --> 공부하느라고
운전하다 --> 운전하느라고

Specific usage:

1. V-느라고 can be used with 고생하다 and 수고하다 verbs.

야근하느라고 수고하셨어요.
Thank you for working overtime.

그 동안 우리를 가르치시느라고 고생 많으셨어요.
You've had a hard time teaching us.

2. Only Verbs that require the will of the subject or ‘a force of energy’ can precede -느라고

교통사고 나느라고 회사를 지각했어요. (Wrong)

비가 많이 오느라고 등산에 못 갔어요. (Wrong)

3. The proposition and imperative forms can't follow -느라고

노래를 부르느라고 노래방을 갑시다. (Wrong) / 노래를 부르러 노래방을 갑시다. (Correct)
Let's go to karaoke to sing


1. 안나 씨, 왜 숙제를 안 했어요?
- 어젯밤에 축구를 보느라고 숙제를 못 했어요.
Anna, why didn't you do your homework?
- Because I watched the football last night, I couldn't do my homework.

2. 주말에 뭐 하셨어요?
- 김장했어요. 김장하느라고 정말 힘들었어요.
What did you do in the weekend?
- I made kimchi. Because of that, I was really exhausted.

3. 요즘 수지 씨가 어떻게 지내요?
- 기말 시험 공부하느라고 정신이 없는 것 같아요.
How is Suzy doing these days?
- She seems really busy due to preparing for the final exam.

4. 왜 늦었어요?
- 죄송해요. 친구를 만나느라고 늦었어요.
Why are you late?
- I am sorry, because I met my friend, so I was late.

5. 요즘 아르바이트하느라고 바빠요.
Because of doing part-time job, so I am busy.

6. 아까 전화했는데 왜 안 받았어요?
- 운전하느라고 못 받았어요.
I just called you a while ago, but why you didn't receive the call?
Because I was driving, I couldn't receive your call.

7. 병원에 갔다 오느라고 파티에 못 갔어요.
Since I went to the hospital, I couldn't attend the party.

8. 보고서를 마무리 하느라고 야근했어요.
Because I was preparing the report, I worked overtime.

9. 급히 오느라고 깜빡 잊어 버렸어요
Because I was quickly coming, I completely forgot

10. 화장품을 많이 사느라고 돈이 다 썼어요.
Because I bought a lot of cosmetics, I spent all my money.

11. 어젯밤에 조느라고 숙제를 끝내지 못했어요.
I couldn't finish my homework last night because I was sleepy.

12. 음악을 듣느라고 친구가 부르는 소리를 못 들었어요.
I couldn't hear my friend calling because I was listening to music.

13. 아침에 급하게 나오느라고 휴대폰을 집에 놓고 왔어요.
I left my phone at home because I was in a hurry this morning.

14. 등록금을 버느라고 아르바이트를 하고 있어요.
I am working part-time to pay my tuition.

15. 발표 준비를 하느라고 자료를 찾고 있어요.
I am looking for materials to prepare for a presentation.
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