KIIP Level 5 Test Samples PDF | Đề thi lớp KIIP 5 (종합평가)

KIIP Level 5 Test (사회통합프로그램 종합평가) is a required test for foreign people living in Korea to obtain permanent VISAs or Korean citizenship.

There are 2 kind of tests depending on the purpose of test-takers:

KIIP Level 5 Test for F5 VISA (영주용 종합평가) for persons who wish to acquire permanent residence Visa F5 (영주권 사증) - 50 hours course

KIIP Level 5 Test for Korean citizenship (귀화용 종합평가) for persons who wish to acquire Korean citizenship (대한민국 국적취득) - 70 hours course

The composition and score evaluation of the level 5 test are evaluated as below:

Quiz test: 36 questions | 50 minutes | 65 points.
In the case of the test for VISA F5: 14 questions x 1.5 points and 22 question x 2 points
In the case of the test for Korean citizenship: 7 question x 1 point and 29 question x 2 points

For the practice book, please refer: KIIP Comprehensive Test Practice Book 2018 PDF +Answer keys

Writing test: 4 questions | 10 minutes | 10 points (4 x 2.5 points/each). 
Writing essay is limited within 200 characters.

For the writing test samples, please refer: 30 KIIP Level 5 Writing Samples

Interview test: 5 question | 10 minutes | 25 points. 
The face-to-face interview is short, but the waiting time is relatively long, depending on the waiting order.

For the interview test samples, please refer: 6 KIIP Interview Test Samples with Answers (PDF)

You have to score at least 60 out of 100 points to pass the test.

We collected the KIIP Level 5 Test Sample + 226 Practice Questions in PDF format to help you prepare better for the 사회통합프로그램 종합평가 exam. Hope you prepare well and pass the test with highest score.

Download KIIP Level 5 test samples + practice tests:

After taking the actual tests, some test-takers shared their test answers in the internet. This is not the official answer keys. However, you can take the test answers as references when preparing for the actual test. 


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