Sejong Korean Conversation 1-4 PDF Textbook +Audio (세종한국어 회화)

Sejong Korean Conversation (세종한국어 회화) is the Korean language book series designed with the purpose of helping Korean language learners at the King Sejong Institute (세종학당) to develop practical Korean language skills, especially focusing on conversation, listening and communication skills.

Sejong Korean Conversation is freely provided at King Sejong Institute, and available in 4 different languages, including English, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. By signing up at the official website, you can freely access all the materials.

Sejong Korean Conversation features:
- Provide students a reciprocal understanding of Korean language and Korean society
- The textbooks are developed based the objectives from previous Sejong Korean textbooks
- Each textbook is based on the basic 45-hour course with 14 units.
- The textbook includes a wide range of authentic communicative activities and tasks that requires language knowledge to improve fluency and accuracy
- The contents and activities are developed to improve cognitive skills and learning strategies of adult learners.

You can download the Sejong Korean Conversation textbooks at: 

The textbooks are divided into 4 levels as below: 

Sejong Korean Conversation 1 for beginner levels
(세종한국어 회화 1)

Sejong Korean Conversation 2 for lower-intermediate levels
(세종한국어 회화 2)

Sejong Korean Conversation 3 for intermediate levels
(세종한국어 회화 3)

Sejong Korean Conversation 4 for upper-intermediate levels
(세종한국어 회화 4)


Unknown said...

I love you so much

Unknown said...

Hi, do you have the audio for conversation 3?

Korean Topik said...

the audio mp3 is added for both level 3 and 4 books.

Unknown said...

Hi, I already have the first book and I really like it. How exactly can I download the others?
I ordered the first and second books from Book Depository (UK) but after 3 months they didn't deliver it. They said it is not published now.

Unknown said...

I gone to that' site the online book' but it is not coming

Unknown said...

where you got the book online

J21 said...

Can you please reupload the books? It cannot be accessed

Korean Topik said...

Due to copyright claim, the download link can't be fixed. IF you need further support, leave us a message on our facebook page.

Nova said...

HOla muchas gracias por el aporte, hay manera de obtener el nivel 3 y 4?

Bahaar said...

Hello. Thank you so much for providing these. Do you know where I can find the workbooks?

Korean Topik said...

The workbook link is added in the post. Check it again.

Korean Topik said...

the download links were updated on 24 Mar 2023.

KathG9 said...

Sejong Korean Conversation 3 ebook link is not working. Please update the link

Korean Topik said...

Hi, the link is fixed. You can download it normally now.

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