N 덕분에, A/V-(으)ㄴ/는 덕분에 grammar = thanks to ~express the reason for the positive result of an action or state

N 덕분에, A/V-()/ 덕분에 grammar = thanks to ~express the reason for the positive result of an action or state



- ()/ 덕분에 grammar is used to express the reason for the positive result of an action or state. = thanks to

- (으)ㄴ/는 덕분에 can be replaced by -기 때문에 without meaning change. (Learn more about -기 때문에 grammar = because (of))




Verb + 덕분에 (present tense) |  () 덕분에 (past tense)

가다 -> 덕분에 (thanks to going…)

먹다 -> 먹은 덕분에 (thanks to eating…)

당첨하다 -> 당첨한 덕분에 (thanks to winning the lottery..)

연습하다 -> 연습하는 덕분에 (thanks to practicing…)

끊임없다 -> 끊임없는 덕분에 (thanks to the constant…)


Adjective + () 덕분에

크다 -> 덕분에 (because it is big…)

좋다 -> 좋은 덕분에 (because it is good,…)

예쁘다 -> 예쁜 덕분에 (because she is pretty,…)


Noun + 덕분에

당신 -> 당신 덕분에 (thanks to you)

선생님 -> 선생님 덕분에 (thanks to the teacher)

예수 크리스 -> 예수 크리스 덕분에 (thanks to Jesu Christ)



Specific usage:


1. V + 덕분에 is only used for daily repeated actions or obvious things, whereas V + () 덕분에 is used for action or state completed in the past.


매일 연습하는 덕분에 토니의 한국어 실력은 날로 향상되고 있다.

Thanks to daily practice, Tony's Korean skill is improving day by day.


열심히 공부한 덕분에 대학입학시험에 합격했어요.

Thanks to my hard work, I passed the college entrance exam.


2. 덕분이다 can also be used at the end of a sentence.


내가 잘된 것은 모두 덕분이다.

= 덕분에 내가 되었다.

It's all thanks to you that I did well


1 카드는 모두 고객님 덕분입니다.

The 1st rank card is all thanks to you


3. 덕분에 can be replaced by 덕분으로 without meaning change


날씨가 좋은 덕분에 소풍을 갔다 왔습니다.

= 날씨가 좋은 덕분으로 소풍을 갔다 왔습니다

Thanks to the nice weather, I went on a picnic well.


덕분에 오늘도 많이 웃었어요.

= 덕분으로 오늘도 많이 웃었어요.

Thanks to you, I laughed a lot today.


4. While -()/ 덕분에 grammar is only used for positive result, -()/ 탓에 grammar is only used for negative consequence. They are opposite to each other.


날씨가 선선한 덕분에 잠을 잤어요.

Thanks to the cool weather, I slept well.


날씨가 더운 탓에 잠을 잤어요.

Due to the hot weather, I couldn’t sleep well.




1. 덕분에 내가 성공했어요.

I succeeded thanks to you.


2. 당신 덕분에 시험을 봤어요.

Thanks to you, I did well on the test


3. 장학금 덕분에 좋은 대학를 다녔어요.

Thanks to the scholarship, I went to a good university.


4. 가족 덕분에 좋은 사람이 되었어요.

I became a good person thanks to my family.


5. 음악을 들은 덕분에 마음이 좋아졌어요.

Listening to music made me feel better.


6. 만화책을 많이 읽은 덕분에 상상력이 풍부해지었어요.

Thanks to reading a lot of comic books, my imagination became rich.


7. 채소를 많이 먹은 덕분에 피부가 좋아요.

Thanks to eating a lot of vegetables, my skin is good.


8. 열심히 연습한 덕분에 이번 경기에서 이겼어요.

Thanks to hard practice, I won this game.


9. 비가 덕분에 나무는 싱싱해요.

The trees are fresh thanks to the rain.


10. 지구가 자전하는 덕분에 햇빛이 고르게 분산될 있습니다.

Thanks to the Earth's rotation, sunlight can be evenly distributed.

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