Cyber Korean for Intermediate 1, 2 PDF (Textbook +Workbook +Audio)

Cyber Korean for Intermediate
 (in Korean: 사이버 한국어 중급) was created for the students of King Sejong Institute to learn from inter-cultural perspective. 

Cyber Korean Intermediate features:

  • The book content was developed aiming for micro-learning and blended learning that can balance the strengths of both online and offline education. This textbook was designed for the learner to select what to learn according to the self-directed learning module following the characteristics of the learner and its learning environment.
  • This textbook includes various activities and abundant knowledge on language that can evenly develop the fluency and accuracy of Korean.
  • This textbook is structured so that each learner from different situation can learn Korean by meeting his/her demand.

The intermediate book composes of 2 volumes: 

  • Cyber Korean for Intermediate 1 textbook and workbook
  • Cyber Korean for Intermediate 2 textbook and workbook

You can download free copies of the Cyber Korean books at: 

You can also read the online books from the official link below:

(사이버 한국어 중급 1)

(사이버 한국어 중급 2)

(사이버 한국어 중급 1 익힘책 )

 (사이버 한국어 중급 2 익힘책)

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