Sejong Korean 4A-4B PDF +Audio (세종 한국어-NEW)

Sejong Korean 4A and 4B (세종한국어 4A-4B in Korean) are the latest edition of the textbooks for advanced Korean learners by King Sejong Institute. The books have undergone a complete overhaul based on the contents of Sejong Korean 7 and 8 (old edition)

Sejong Korean 4A and 4B textbooks contain comprehensive learning materials to help learners develop their language skills and comprehension. The textbooks are a great resource for those who are looking to enhance their Korean proficiency at the advanced level.

Sejong Korean 4A and 4B workbooks provide learners with an opportunity to practice what they have learned in each lesson. The workbooks offer various exercises and quizzes that help learners reinforce their language skills in different contexts.

Sejong Korean 4A-4B textbooks and workbooks are all available to order online:

Sejong Korean 4A (세종한국어 4A 국문판 )

Sejong Korean Work Book 4A 국문판

Sejong Korean 4B (세종한국어 4B 국문판)

Sejong Korean Work Book 4B 국문판

You may get free copies of the books in PDF and MP3 at:  Sejong Korean 4A-4B PDF  +Audio [New edition]

Sejong Korean 4A-4B books are free to access online in view mode here. 

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